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SEO Vine Video Series Ideas

With everyone speculating about how brands can use Vine effectively here’s the results of a short brainstorming session for the SEO industry.

Got an idea? Add in the comments.

Idea 1: Beal Keels

Where @AndyBeal films himself falling over at different SEO conferences.

Idea 2: Barone’s Trombone

@LisaBarone playing the trombone. If she finds it too easy we could add ‘whilst eating a Toblerone’.

Idea 3: Matt Cutts Spammers

@MattCutts literally tortures some black hats with sharp instruments. They’ve got the 17+ rating now it’s totally ok to do this.

Idea 4: Tic Toc

SEOs are asked to pronouce @krystianszastok name correctly within 6 seconds & watch them get a facial tic as a result.

Idea 5: McGaffin’s Laughin’

We tell @mcgaffin jokes & see which one needs the most vine videos to film his reaction.

Idea 6: Kohn’s Prawns

@ajkohn big game fishing and then smashing up seafood violently in a crab shack.

Idea 7: Dyson v Tyson

We watch @ChrisLDyson being repeatedly punched from Mike Tyson.

Idea 8: Shove It

@RichardShove pushes random people off of public transport. This is probably the most dangerous and disturbing idea.

Idea 9: Aaron’s Wall

We watch @aaronwall building a giant wall. This is probably the longest and least exciting idea.

Idea 10: Perrott’s Parrots

@James_Perrott has to fend off a flock of unfriendly parrots using only an iPad.

Idea 11: Koozai’s Kazoo

Various members of the @Koozai team try to play the Kazoo without laughing.

Idea 12: Fishkin’s Kitchen

@randfish shows us what he’s cooking. It’s the only word that rhymed well. Admittedly not a very exciting idea.

Idea 13: Will Crutchlow

@willcritchlow uses very small crutches to great comedic effect.

Idea 14: Agate’s Maggot

This only works if you pronounce it (Aggot) as we would in Scotland. @JamesAgate eats maggots who fail to write a good Guest Post for him within the 6 seconds Vine timer. (Rumours have it this is almost how Skyrocket operates on a Friday anyway!)

Idea 15: Ha Ha Thisaway Ha Ha Hathaway

@HathawayP dances like Whizbit from that Paul Daniels show years ago.

Idea 16: Julie’s Woolies

@JulieJoyce introduces us to a variety of cute wooly animals starting with this guy!

Idea 17: Revells Revels Roullette

@s_rvll plays roullette with revels til he gets one he hates.
(Submitted by Rob Duckers)

Idea 18: Content Moos

@content_muse tangles with cows for six seconds of verbal battling
(Submitted by @wayneb77 from Boom Online)

Idea 19: Chris as Girl Christ

@hitreach dresses as Jesus following his successful operation. Oi!!!
(Submitted by @wayneb77 from Boom Online)

Idea 20: Will Reynolds?

In which @wilreynolds tries to encourage other Reynolds’, like Burt, to do ludicrous things. Will they?
(Submitted by @wayneb77 from Boom Online)

Idea 21: Randy Fishcakes

@randfish looks at the love life of a loving couple of fishcakes (lol!?)
(Submitted by @wayneb77 from Boom Online)

Idea 22: Anthony Pensabenny

@content_muse performs a Benny Hill-style high speed chase of women in lingerie.
(Submitted by @iainbartholomew from Perfectly Plausible)

Idea 23: Watch Paul Madden

We hurl abuse, and objects, at @PaulDavidMadden and watch him get really annoyed.

Idea 24: Moogan or Dougan

Blindfolded SEO’s have 6 seconds using only touch to decide if it’s @paddymoogan or @nealdougan

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