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Web Design & SEO Services

Our key services are as follows:

Not sure where you want to go? Take your time.

7 SecondsI’ll give you 7 seconds

When a potential customer lands on your homepage, you have 7 seconds to communicate to them what you do and how you can help them.

Does your current website do that?

…time’s up.

Ok. How about an easier question:

Website RequirementsWhy do YOU want a new website?

Your website, in our increasingly connected world, forms an incredibly important part of your company’s image. It is the digital extension of your company, forms the centerpiece of your online image and reflects your dominant values. However, the real value of a website is far more than symbolic:

“You want a website to help you solve real business challenges.”

This is where we come in. Rather than simply build you a website that looks ‘nice’, we try to understand your core business challenges, goals and values. The result is a website that reflects your values, communicates your messages and converts your customers.

Our web design services are different. We strive to understand your core challenges first… and then our team of web designers work passionately with you to develop tools that help you deliver real business solutions.

Tuned To Your BusinessTuned to your business

We believe that we can’t build an effective website if we don’t properly understand your business. 

That’s why we spend time at the outset gaining a thorough understanding of how you work, your pain-points, your strengths and your objectives. 

We are focused on delivering you a website that communicates your values, talks to your audience and satisfies your business needs.

UX UI DesignDesign with users in mind

We make beautiful websites, and we are incredibly proud of our portfolio. However, if a website looks pretty, but your users can’t find what they need, then it is not performing for you. We consider every aspect of the user journey to develop a smooth, cohesive customer experience, that satisfies your users’ goals.

If you have targeted your audience correctly and communicated your value effectively, your goals and your users’ goals will be perfectly aligned.

Websites That Drive SalesWe build sites that drive SALES

Every website has a goal – some ‘action’ that you want users to take. Whether it is to buy/call/sign-up/download/trial/enquire/share, there will be at least one thing you want your users to do on your site. More important than traffic or pageviews, it is these ‘conversions’ that will have the most impact on your bottom line, and so we look to optimise your conversion potential at every stage of the design process.

We get inside the mind of your customer, understand their core objectives, and present your solution to them using straightforward language they understand. Simply put, we add value wherever possible to your website.

Easy To UpdateOur websites are absurdly easy to update

We can develop websites in any programming language, but we love WordPress, as it allows us to build websites that are beautiful, fast and responsive. However the best thing about WordPress is how easy it is for ANYBODY to use. With a really simple back-end, anyone can learn how to use WordPress in a matter of minutes. You can log in and post your updates without even having to think about technical issues – so the maintenance costs are minimal. Of course, if you’d prefer us to handle your updates, we’d be more than happy to help.

Obsessed with SEOObsessed with SEO

In addition to being a web design services provider, we also offer high impact SEO services. We eat, drink and sleep SEO, and don’t build any website without thorough optimisation. In fact, we actually white label our web development services to many of the UK’s top SEO agencies, who trust us with their clients’ work and often even their own websites. Whether you are looking to grow your organic traffic with a new site, or need to preserve SEO equity from your current site, we can take care of it for you. We can go into as much, or as little, detail with you about the SEO as you wish, but rest assured we’ve got you covered.

We Take Care Of EverythingWe’ll take care of everything

We can host your website for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. However if you have a hosting solution already in place, we can easily migrate your new site for you and handle the server on your behalf. We can even help with ad hoc consultancy or development work, and we can cater for as many or as few phases of a project’s lifecycle as you need, from analysis to design, and from development to testing.

Part of your teamPart of your team

We can be as involved in the day-to-day running of your business as you want us to be. If you need constant updates but don’t have an in-house resource to do them, we can be that resource. If you need on-site support,  we can easily deploy web development contractors on site at your preferred locations in Dundee, Arbroath or London. We can help, whether you are looking for advice to help you get your fresh new concept off the ground; or you need proven developers to implement your designs; or you have a large project and you need that extra contract resource to boost your team.

Find out how our web design services can help you

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